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Central Oregon Carpenters

Local Union 271


Planning Folks

Special Thanks to our fearless leaders.

Local Union Officers and Staff:
2017 Election Results

  President                 Jim Jones
  Vice President            Sam Murillo
  Recording Secretary       Joshua Scire
  Financial Secretary       Jeff Harms       
  Treasurer                 Ken Daletas      
  Conductor		    George (Corey) Rogers
  Warden	            Tim Keck 

  Trustees     		    Jeff Kihn 
                            David Mork
                            Garth Finley (Appointed)

  Office Manager      	    Jessica Neeley

2017 Election Results

  Delegates to the Council  Jeff Harms
                            Jim Jones
                            Brian Lemke
                            Sam Murillo
                            Jeff Kihn
                            David Mork
                            Phil Stickney
                            Eric Morgan - Appointed

  Alternate Delegates to the Council  

                            Ken Daletas
                            Chris McGhee - Appointed
                            George (Corey) Rogers - Appointed

2015 Election Results

  Delegates to the UBC      Steve Carlson
                            Jeff Harms
                            Jennifer Van Datta

  Alternate Delegate to the UBC

                            Phil Stickney

 Central Oregon Carpenters Local 271
 2101 W 10th Ave, Eugene OR 97402
 PHONE: 541-687-6755   &   541-687-4287

Representatives: 541-344-5344

Contact Us: or by calling 541-687-6755  

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